Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maximise Your Profit Per Sale – What to Sell to Make Money on eBay

Maximising your profit per sale on eBay is the key to making money online. You would be surprised at how many individuals will waste time and effort selling items that will only ever make a few pence of profit, and then wonder exactly why they are struggling to make ends meet.

Obviously not every auction that you list will end incredibly successfully, but by setting a goal that you will never make less than a certain profit per sale, you will be well placed to reach your potential earning target. For example, let's say you decide that you will never make less than £5 profit per auction. That means that you need to be able to source your goods at a price of at least £5 less than you are able to sell them for. Having this figure in mind will help you to calculate if a potential product is worth pursuing if you can't make an initial purchase of as low a price as you would wish.

In considering what to sell to make money on eBay to achieve that target, you should consider the following options:

Large vs. Small Profit

Some particularly large eBay sellers will work on the principle that if they can sell a lot of an item cheaply, they will still make as much profit as those selling a few items for a larger profit per item. Once you achieve market domination within a particular niche this could be a possibility. However, as a new seller on eBay, you could soon find yourself disillusioned when you find yourself needing to sell hundreds of items every day to earn back your initial expenses.

Expensive vs. Cheap Items

Another area of consideration in debating what to sell to make money on eBay is that of the choice between expensive and cheap items. By expensive we mean items that would cost more than £100 to your prospective buyers. Although there is potentially a greater profit per sale to be had from more expensive items, unless you have a lot of capital to dedicate to your eBay business you will struggle to make any purchases of stock to sell. Therefore, the better strategy is to start with cheaper items, remembering the minimum profit per sale price already decided, and move gradually to more expensive items as and when you make enough money to do so.

The Secret - Source Cheap Stock!

It's not rocket science. To maximise your profit per sale, you will need to find stock as cheaply as possible. When considering what to sell to make money on eBay then, you may find your decision swayed by what you can get your hands on for the most affordable price.

There are a multitude of sources that could help you to find your perfect products cheaply, such as wholesalers, dropshippers and even charity shops and car boot sales. Keep your eyes peeled for a bargain and before long you will be making sales and meeting your profit per sale target.

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