Monday, June 14, 2010

The Most Important Thing You Must Do to Succeed on eBay

It's difficult to succeed on eBay if you have negative thoughts. It's a FACT that you are more likely to succeed on eBay if you have positive thoughts. The main difference between those who succeed and those who don't boils down to HOW THEY THINK.
Most people have a natural tendency to worry about failing. This means they are focussing on failing, rather than succeeding. So when something goes wrong in their eBay business, they think: "I knew it wouldn't work for me" and give up. To overcome this, successful eBay sellers visualise the result that they want to achieve as if it has ALREADY happened. This means that they are focussing on succeeding. So when something goes wrong in their eBay business, they don't give up. They just try again.
Visualising success is a very powerful tool that many successful people in all walks of life use to great affect and you can use it too. Here's how...
First decide what your life will be like WHEN you achieve success on eBay. For instance, if wealth is your aim, what income will you have when you are successful? What house will you live in? What car will you drive? What holidays will you take? How much leisure time will you have? What will you do in your leisure time? What charities will you support? Write everything down to describe YOUR dream lifestyle.
It is very important that you ONLY write down what's important to YOU - what really EXCITES and MOTIVATES you. If you don't care what car you drive - don't mention it. After all, wealth might not be your aim. You may just want to be able to work from home so that you can care for your children or an elderly or infirm relative and earn enough from eBay to pay the bills. It is YOUR dream lifestyle that you are describing.
Now decide on a realistic time scale to achieve each part of your dream lifestyle. Without a time scale, there will be no sense of urgency. Putting a time scale on your DREAMS turns them into GOALS. Then re-write your dream life as goals, stating the date that you will achieve each goal, in the PRESENT TENSE, as if you have ALREADY achieved it. Here's an example for someone who wants to achieve a high standard of living and quality of life from eBay:
"It is 31 December 2010. I have paid off my $10,000 credit card debt and am earning $5,000 a month on eBay and have just handed in my notice at work.
It is 31 December 2011 and I have repaid my $100,000 mortgage from the profits in my eBay business.
It is 31 December 2012 and I have an annual income of at least $100,000 from my eBay business. I work 3 hours a day Monday to Friday. I live in (describe your house) and each year I go skiing and spend the summer in..."
Remind yourself of these goals EVERY DAY by reading them to yourself, preferably out loud. After reading each one, close your eyes and PICTURE yourself actually achieving that goal. Concentrate on how that success makes you FEEL. See yourself living your ideal life. This is what will keep you focused and make sure that you don't give up.
Everyone is motivated by pleasure or pain. Each time you hit a hurdle in your eBay business you will deal with it because you will realise that the pain of having to cross that barrier is less than the pain that not achieving your goals will bring, or is less than the pleasure that you will get when you succeed.
I don't know of ANY successful people who don't have well-defined goals that they are committed to achieving, as described above. You can ignore the above if you want to, but if EVERY successful person does it, you are LESS likely to succeed if you DON'T do it!
OK. Now you have the motivation to succeed but it may still seem like a daunting task. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you walk 100 miles? One step at a time. How do you set up a successful eBay business? One step at a time. Focus on achieving the first step. Work at it until you achieve it. Then focus on the second step. And so on. Keep at it until you achieve it. Then you WILL have a successful eBay business!

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