Thursday, June 10, 2010

Top 10 Tips For New Auction Sellers

AuctionTip #1: offer as many payment options as possible.
Here are the most common payment types offered on auction sites:
PayPal - the one practically everyone uses
Cash, Check, or Money Order
Credit Card
AuctionTip #2: Make way for Spam
Make sure you use a separate email address for any auction account you open up because you WILL get spam and most likely, a lot of it. Make sure you check your inbox, however, because you will also get mail from customers asking questions.
AuctionTip #3: Be Honest and Courteous
Make it a habit of telling the truth. If your late getting your customer's product shipped, send them an email telling them. Don't like about your product's condition. If there is a flaw make sure it's clearly stated in your listing. Your customers will thank you in the end..
AuctionTip #4: Smile... Click
Always take pictures of the items you are selling. This will make you and your auction much more credible. Try to make the item look as nice as possible from as many angles as possible. Use a solid background and good lighting and make sure your picture are clear.
AuctionTip #5: Send your customers a thank you note
Be sure to send your customers a thank your email when you have received payment. Include a telephone number you can be reached at in case they have any problems and kindly ask them to leave you feedback with a link to the feedback form. Most customers forget to leave feedback and doing this, you kill two birds with one stone
AuctionTip #6: Don't forget to make a sales policy
This is one very important aspect of an auction listing and it can save you if things go south with an auction. Your sales policy should nclude things like shipping terms and other rules that you'll use. For example: do you only ship on certain days? Be sure to state things like this in your policy and post them in every listing you create.
AuctionTip #7: Use Delivery Confirmation
This serves two purposes. One, it will save you the hassle if a customer denies receiving an item when they actually have, and two, it allows you to give your customer a tracking number so they can keep track of when their item will arrive. This is especially important to do with valuable items.
AuctionTip #8: Send Customers The Auction Number
When emailing a bidder for whatever reason, it's a good idea to include the auction number. This will keep you from getting confused if you have multiple auctions and will keep your customers from getting confused if they are bidding on multiple items.
AuctionTip #9: Become an expert on your product
Know about the items you are selling. The more information you can provide on the item you are selling, the more credible you become in the eyes for your customers. This will also make it easier to quickly answer any questions that may arise.
AuctionTip #10: Use Strong Key Words in Titles
There are tons of items for sale on auction sites, and one of the most effective ways for people to find things is to use a search engine. In order to make it easy for someone to find your listings, you will want to pack your listing title with as many related keywords as possible. For example, if you're selling a TV, you don't just want to put tv in the title. You want to include the brand, type, size, etc.

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